I like building and helping others build drawing robots.  I had built up so much material on my other website, MakerBlock.com,1 that it just made sense to start a separate site dedicated to just to drawing robots so that I could better organize and curate the best and most helpful information.

I’ve named my “v-plotter” drawing robot “PlotterBot.”  These types of robots surprisingly easy to build, even for beginners, are very forgiving of mistakes, and are capable of drawing really large pictures.  I showed off PlotterBot at the Maker Faire Bay Area 2013 and 2014.

I’ve designed a very small drawing robot named “Tiny CNC.”  It’s easy to build and hard to mess up – perfect for total beginners.


  1. If you like reading about open source robots, 3D design and 3D printing, WordPress, and random bits of nonsense, you might enjoy that blog too. []