Tiny CNC

Tiny CNC Drawing Robot

Tiny CNC Drawing Robot

The Tiny CNC drawing robot is an easy to build robot that has a drawing area of about 3″ by 3″.  I designed this robot with several ideals in mind.  I wanted to make it from cheap easily located parts with a snap-fit design.  Except for the set screws for the motors, the entire rest of the robot can be assembled by hand.  I started work on this robot on 11/14/2013 as part of the Make Magazine Robot Hacks project, inspired by the work of Diatom Studio and their yet-to-be-released Piccolo, and released the first version on Thingiverse just five days later.

Here’s a short video of the robot in action:

This little robot is still in development, but if you enjoy tinkering you might like building one anyhow.  For the very latest on this robot check back on the blog frequently or join the newsletter.

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