I first came to be aware of wall hanging drawing robots or “vertical plotters” when I saw one on exhibit at the Maker Faire Bay Area 2011.  A Maker by the name of Harvey Moon had set one up and let it draw on the wall in one of the big exposition halls.  It was easily one of the most memorable exhibits I had seen at Maker Faire that year.

About a year later I learned of a project by Sandy Noble who had open sourced the information and software for his own drawing robot, the Polargraph.  Sandy’s site is an incredible resource for anyone looking to get started building their own drawing robot.  His Arduino sketches plus Polargraph software, written in Processing, are fairly easy to use.  He also sells kits of electronic boards and hardware you can use to build your own Polargraph.  I bought the electronics for my own drawing robot from Sandy and I couldn’t be happier with it.

This section of my website will take you through the background, basic functioning, basic features, and through the process of building a wall hanging drawing robot of your own.

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