New PlotterBot Drawing – Calvin & Hobbes on a wagon

PlotterBot drawn Calvin & Hobbes on a wagon

PlotterBot drawn Calvin & Hobbes on a wagon

The other I came home from work and decided I just had to draw something.1 I decided on the above picture of Calvin & Hobbes and set the robot to work.  The drawing is big – about 29″ tall and 28″ wide.

While my tallest drawing remains the Yoda, this is definitely the widest drawing I’ve managed thus far.  I’m also pleased with my rather simplistic method of centering the robot.2 If the centering were off, the remainder of the drawing would be skewed.  And, as you can see from the horizontal lines, there isn’t any observable skewing.

There are some very mild artifacts in the drawing – spots where the pen wasn’t lifted far enough off the paper, some areas where you can see how the pen lifted up and down, and places where the shading/hatching doesn’t exactly line up perfectly with the outline of the drawing.  Even with these minor issues, I’m really happy with the drawing.

  1. I feel like when I don’t “make” something for a little while I get kinda twitchy. []
  2. I’ll be adding a tutorial for this later – it’s a lot simpler than you might think… []
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