One set of Tiny CNC plastic parts up for grabs for $0.05

Drawing robot drawings

Drawing robot drawings

Since I’m working on designing new parts for my little drawing robot, I’ve decided to list the existing parts for sale on eBay starting at a nickle.  I’m not going to print or sell any more copies of this version.  One way or another, these parts are gone in less than three days.  🙂

However, before you consider bidding…

  • This is a total work in progress and not a proper “robotics kit.”  There’s no software to run it, except the Arduino sketch to make it draw a grid.  You shouldn’t try to buy this if you aren’t willing to get your hands dirty.
  • I’m not including anything except the six 3D printable plastic parts.  I need the other bits so I can continue working to develop and improve this robot.  So, don’t try to buy this if you don’t have a bunch of your own electronics parts.
  • The parts are used since I’ve been using them the last few days.  I printed, cleaned, sanded, and assembled these parts into the robot I showed in videos on my blog, so they’re not “new.”
  • You could always just 3D print these parts for yourself – I’ve already published all the files on Thingiverse and all the instructions on my blog.

However, if you are interested in experimenting with these parts for yourself, you might be able to steal them for a measly $0.05.  🙂  Here’s the link to eBay listing for these plastic parts for a drawing robot.

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