Nine Drawing Robots On the Loose!

It’s incredibly exciting to me to see people printing my designs and posting pictures.  It’s even more exciting to see more drawing robots appear in the world.  Since I released my first designs for this robot on 11/18/2013 at least eight people besides me now have really tiny drawing robots of their very own.  Since the design is moving fast and many of the parts aren’t compatible with other versions, I’ve particularly appreciated the feedback of those people who have made their own since their observations, suggestions, and comments have helped me improve the design in many different ways.

Here are six copies of version 0.18, the XY plotter on Thingiverse (plus one I sent to Stephen Laporte):

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Dan Sinker even uploaded a video of his little robot at work.

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If you’ve made one, please email me and click “Made One” over on Thingiverse.

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