PlotClock by Joo

Thingiverse citizen Joo has just shared the hands down, cutest robotic drawing dry erase clock you’ve ever seen ever, called the “PlotClock.”  This is the kind of awesome robot that makes me want to drop everything I’m doing to build one.  Much like the Piccolo video, I could watch this little clock write/erase the time all day.  The design is inspired and elegant, using one servo to rock the other two backwards for a pen lift, and using a small “cup” with an fuzzy bottom to transform the pen into an eraser.

Joo has kindly shared lots of photos and instructions on this FabLab wiki and the code on Github.

So…. Does anyone in the SF Bay Area have a laser cutter they could let me use?  🙂

Hat tip and monocle nod to Tbuser for pointing project out to me.

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3 comments on “PlotClock by Joo
  1. Brad Howland says:

    Nice posts about other DrawBots! Thanks. I want to look more closely to Ytai Ben-Tsvi’s plotter. His line drawings are what I have been looking for output of a drawbot. I have built a prototype using your ideas and software and have had some success getting some drawings. Thanks for the information about Drawbots. I want to extend my art into machine drawing.

    • MakerBlock says:

      @Brad: Thanks for the comment! Could you email/post a link to your robot? I’d love to see what you’re working on.

  2. Chris Cook says:

    We’re in the Bay area with a laser cutter…

    Would you be interested in showing off tiny cnc to a group of kids? Maybe doing a project?