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Profiles on various drawing robots and pen plotters – and the Makers who make them

Piccolo files and information available!

The small robot from Diatom Studios called the Piccolo was the inspiration for my own TinyCNC.  The Piccolo was first announced in February of 2012, but Diatom Studios just released a new video of their robot with lots more details.  They’ve also released all

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Mirobot by Ben Pirt

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the Mirobot website after seeing a post on the Arduino forums.  The creator, Ben Pirt, designed this cool open source drawing robot that is driven over WiFi to roll around and draw.  One

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Doodle Clock by Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi

I found the Doodle Clock featured by Hack A Day in March of 2012 as a result of a comment on that side.  It’s not a traditional drawing robot as I feature on this site, but it does have the most

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Piccolo by Diatom Studios

The Piccolo by Diatom Studios is a tiny CNC robot – a huge source of inspiration for me.  I first heard of the Piccolo in about February of 2012 when they got a lot of blog and press coverage after they launched

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PlotClock by Joo

Thingiverse citizen Joo has just shared the hands down, cutest robotic drawing dry erase clock you’ve ever seen ever, called the “PlotClock.”  This is the kind of awesome robot that makes me want to drop everything I’m doing to build

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Linus the Artistic Robot by PixelatedThoughts

I’ve always intended that this website be about more than just the few robots that I’ve built.  It’s also about other robots that perform art, especially those that draw.  I’m hoping to make these kinds of “plotter profiles” a more

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Maker Artist Ytai Ben-Tsvi and his IOIO Board Plotter

Easily one of the most memorable aspects of exhibiting at this year’s Maker Faire Bay Area was getting to meet and interact with lots of other Makers.  Ytai Ben-Tsvi had built and brought a pen plotter of his own design – and

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