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Do NOT let this happen!

I want to put some finishing touches on my TinyCNC drawing robot before Maker Faire, but I’m a little ambivalent about how best to show off it’s drawing/CNC abilities.1 There are several excellent ways to control such a robot – perhaps you can help me decide?  My thought is that an IR remote would be really nifty, since I could just hand the “control” to someone and they could play with the robot, getting it to draw something.  Then again, feeding gcode to the ‘bot and having it actually draw something semi-recognizable would also be great.2

What's the best way to control a TinyCNC / drawing robot?

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For context, here’s the links to the various possible ideas for control mechanisms:

Please vote above3 and let me know what you’d like to see working at Maker Faire!

  1. Photo by tenaciousme []
  2. Heck, the robots are small enough that I’ll probably bring more than one. []
  3. Or, comment below []
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7 comments on “Don’t let SkyNet win! Take this poll!
  1. Chris Cook says:

    Wii Nunchuk

  2. Zheng3 says:

    Webcam! Sell portraits drawn on post-it notes for $1 to fund your next generation of bots.

  3. kongorilla says:

    An infinite number of monkeys?

  4. kongorilla says:

    I’d say have at least two machines:
    1. One demonstrating gcode via USB (or whatever) drawing the most impressive images TinyCNC can do
    2. One under joystick control, for the interactive fun of it.

    Since the machines are so small, and you have to draw attention to your booth (as well as fill it with something), I’d say a full size arcade joystick would be most attractive, though that might be contrary to the “tiny” aesthetic.

    • MakerBlock says:

      @Kongorilla: I may be *slightly* more difficult to locate this year than prior years. This time I’m doing a presentation rather than a putting up a booth. The downside is that I’ll only be showing off the robots for about 10-20 minutes (still waiting to find out). However, I’m almost certainly going to have the robot(s) with me throughout the weekend and can easily set them up for a pop-up robot event.

      • kongorilla says:

        @MakerBlock – I assume you’ll post here when the schedule is known. I’ll check back before the Faire.

  5. scruss says:

    HP-GL. Because all plotters worth a damn speak HP-GL.