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A “v-plotter” vertical drawing robot “PlotterBot” capable of drawings of nearly unlimited size

How to Build a Tiny Drawing Robot at Maker Faire Bay Area 2016

I’ll be doing a short presentation on how to build (and operate) a tiny drawing robot at Maker Faire Bay Area 2016.  My time slot is Sunday May 22, 2016 from 11:00am to 11:25am at the Make: Electronics stage in

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Bay Area Maker Faire 2013 Drawings

I’ve been meaning to share these drawings from Maker Faire Bay Area 2013 for more than a year now.  As I was reinstalling my PlotterBot to its original home on our living room wall I figured this was a good time to take

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Building a PlotterBot Arduino Drawing Robot – An Overview

A PlotterBot Arduino-based drawing robot is an easy to build robot you can make from off-the-shelf electronics and easily repurposed parts.  At it’s heart, this robot uses a microcontroller to drive motors to reel in and out two spools of

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PlotterBot Frequently Asked Questions

Although I’ve helped out at the MakerBot booth several times in prior years, this was the first time I had my very own booth.1 I had a great time answering questions and explaining how the robot worked.  I thought you

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Pen Lift Achievement Unlocked!

I recently developed a simple printable pen holder for my PlotterBot.  Although it worked wonderfully as a pen holder for single-line drawings and although I had designed it to work with a servo for pen lifts, I had literally never

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Liked our booth at the Maker Faire? Take it home with you!

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