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Robot Challenge Marathon

Whew!  It’s been a wild few weeks! Just a few weeks ago I found out about WyoLum 2013 Innovation Grant and discovered that the AFRON 2013 Design Challenge had been extended.  I then began a foolish feverish attempt to enter both

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Designing with Injection Molding in Mind

I had always assumed injection molding was a pretty straightforward process.1 You send your digital files to the injection molder, you pay a bunch of money, and plastic parts show up.  While looking into the process of injection molding, I discovered

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Competing Design Ideals in a Drawing Robot

I find myself at a design crossroads, as it were, with the Tiny 3-Axis CNC.  There are certain improvements that I think are necessary to make the overall robot more functional and reliable.  However, to adjust these designs to accomplish

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Pen Lift Achievement Unlocked!

I recently developed a simple printable pen holder for my PlotterBot.  Although it worked wonderfully as a pen holder for single-line drawings and although I had designed it to work with a servo for pen lifts, I had literally never

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