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Tiny CNC Software Update

I want to start this post with a shout out to Stephen Laporte.  I met Stephen at the Bay Area 2013 Maker Faire when he came over from the Wikipedia booth to see if I could draw a giant Wikipedia

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Tiny CNC – now a 3 Axis CNC!

With some helpful feedback from several readers, I’ve been working on improving the design for the Tiny CNC.  Last night I was able to print the latest version and assemble the robot. Here’s a quick tour of the new features:

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Tiny CNC – Going to 100

In my last post I considered the cost of producing and selling exactly one set of plastic parts for a Tiny CNC.  While a fun experiment, I would go mad trying to do that same process over and over 100 times.12

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Someone drew a cat with a Tiny CNC

Someone on Thingiverse, a user named nsa666, has written their own software for using the robot to draw a cat. This makes me unbelievably happy.  First a kitty cat.  Next the WORLD.

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Tiny CNC – An Experiment in Commerce

I tried a little experiment last weekend.1 I listed the plastic parts for Tiny CNC version 0.18 on eBay.  I did this for a number of reasons: I really wanted to see someone else put together this robot.  Also, getting

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Uses for a Tiny CNC Robot

Thinigiverse user Zamanlui printed a Tiny CNC with the idea to turn it into a platform for a phage/bacteria printer. While I realize that a two-axis CNC machine can be used for just about anything, I LOVE the idea that something

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Design considerations with the Tiny CNC

This weekend I’ve been slowly working to improve my Tiny CNC.  There are a number of potential mechanical changes that would very likely help with the accuracy, performance, and even reduce the cost of this little robot.  Here are some of

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Better video of Tiny CNC Drawing Robot actually drawing

I wanted to share a video of the ‘bot in action that was slightly less terrible.  In this one I’ve elevated the robot on two stacks of index cards, taped it down to keep it from wandering off, and given

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How to Build a Tiny CNC Drawing Robot

UPDATE: Here’s everything you need to to build a Tiny 3-Axis CNC robot using just 8 plastic pieces. The above are nearly all the tools and parts you’ll need to build your own itty bitty CNC drawing robot.1 If you

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Tiny CNC Drawing Robot – Cost Estimate

One of my goals in designing/building this little robot was to make it really cheap and easy to build.  I’d like to think I’m headed in the right direction. I would estimate the cost of building (a completed version of)

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