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Drawing Robot In A Box

Well, technically, ON a box. The wiring is really simple.  A small breadboard is used connect Arduino pins 10, 11, 12, power and ground to the three servos.  The keypad is wired directly to pins 2 – 8 on the Arduino.

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Uses for a Tiny CNC Robot

Thinigiverse user Zamanlui printed a Tiny CNC with the idea to turn it into a platform for a phage/bacteria printer. While I realize that a two-axis CNC machine can be used for just about anything, I LOVE the idea that something

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An Itty Bitty Drawing Robot

My daughter and I recently signed up to take part in Make’s Robot Hacks’ project.  Make was kind enough to send me a box of parts, including the Make Ultimate Microcontroller Pack and a bunch of servos. The catch?  We had

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